Germany's most beautiful tin figure museum

Tin Figure Museum at Museumsufer in Goslar

Tin figures with a story to tell.

Germany's most beautiful tin figure museum is located in the restored 500-year-old "Lohmühle", a former tan mill in Goslar. Here, visitors can experience two of Goslar’s World Heritage Sites - the old town and the mines - "in miniature", in the form of more than 45 dioramic representations. The colourful world of tin figures is a wonderful experience for young and old.

Colourful representations allow visitors to learn about the 1,000-year history of the city with its distinct medieval character. Historical tin figures of earlier times are also on display.

30 fairy tale quiz scenes are aimed particularly at children.

Special exhibitions complement the museum concept, and hand-cast figures can be purchased at the museum shop.


Butterhanneblank Zinnfigur

Preservation and further development

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