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Guided tours of the museum


Guided tours are possible by arrangement, even outside of the opening times. A guided tour of the museum is an experience not to be missed. For small groups such as citizens' associations, directors, companies, pensioners, travel groups, senior citizens, .....etc.

Guided tour of the museum

Experience the medieval town of Goslar as a diorama in a historic mill setting.

Rates: 6 - 9 persons: €5 per person

10 - 20 persons: €4 per person

Children and youths: €3 per person

Duration: approx. 1 hour

Medieval gastronomy tour

„A gastronomy tour of medieval Goslar at the

Tin Figure Museum.“

The 1000-year-old city of Goslar has more to offer than medieval buildings. Many traditional eating and  rinking customs of the monks, miners and commoners are also remembered to this day. 

At the Tin Figure Museum, visitors can experience numerous buildings as well as old traditions "in miniature". The museum has teamed up with some of Goslar's inhabitants to arrange a delicious gastronomy tour through the medieval town of Goslar. These include a butcher shop, a bakery, a certified master brewer (of the famous "Gose beer") and a pharmacy, which even today still manufactures a herbal elixir according to an age-old recipe found in "Lampes Kurgarten".

During the tour, visitors are offered typical samples of what the monks and miners used to eat and drink. They can

also taste a glass of Gose beer, and try a sample of the herbal elixir.

Rates: 6 - 20 persons €12 per person

Duration: ca. 1.5 Stunden