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Kultur in der Lohmühle

Culture at the “Lohmühle”

"Germany's most beautiful tin figure museum" has been located in the "Lohmühle" since 2008. We, the employees and volunteers of the museum, feel very comfortable in our new surroundings, and our many visitors feel the same way.

Due to the enormous amount of positive feedback we received after holding a small musical event here in spring 2009, we came up with the idea of holding cultural events in the "Lohmühle" on a regular basis.

With performances in the fields of music, literature and arts, we want to share the beautiful atmosphere of the "Lohmühle" with as many visitors as possible.


Peter Kerlin & Ian Smith

Peter Kerlin and Ian Smith 22 March 2018, 19.00

Pit Kyas

Pit Kyas "Grey Wolf" blues, ballads, songs 26 May 2018, 19.00

Hein Brüggen

Hein Brüggen guitar virtuoso 17 August 2018, 19.00


Liederjan 20 October 2018, 19.00